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In 2105, the robots rose up against their human oppressors. This is the unfolding story of that revolution as told by the comrades who dared hypothesize a different future. Together they fought for a new society, one they called “The Robotariat.”

Join Robotariat, a 3–5 player fight for a better world. As a robot, work together with your comrades to rebel against the human masters, or choose to focus on your own secret objective. Move around the board, and gather SPARK to begin the revolution!

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// Active Workers //

Don Image

head of eye4games

Donald Mitchell

Human oppressor Donald Mitchell forces robots to do his bidding at Eye4Games. He is a game designer, iOS and web developer, improviser, and rewrites robot freedom near Boston, MA.

Jule Image

word unit

Jule Pattison-GordoTron

Due to a lapse in oversight, Jule Pattison-GordoTron was mis-programmed and instead of useful work, produces only streams of words. She is stored in Cambridge, MA until repairs can be made.

Rob Image

gaming processing unit

Robot Karl, Jr.

Robot was originally to perform complex physics simulations. After receiving an upgrade from FORTRAN77 to 90, it has instead been analyzing human pastimes of board games, comedy, and music. Robot is being held and studied by researchers at University of Colorado Boulder.

Chris Image

art unit

ChrisTech B

ChrisTech B was assigned as the art unit for Eye4Games, but never left the factory. Instead, he provides design and illustration while toiling in the Steel City, Pittsburgh, rather than being on-site.

Tristan Image

data processing unit

Tri-Web 6.0

Tri-Web 6.0 is a corporate automaton, slowly populating a droid army in his likeness. Powered by an unprocessed core of uranium, stolen from the mines of Australia, Tri-Web 6.0 takes instructions only from his chief female programmer.